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Natural Uterine tonic

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Estrogen and progesterone receptors concentration in the endomentrium, which shows peak on preovulatory days are induced mainly by estrogen during proliferate phase, play an important role in the endometrial growth and maturation. Gynesol overcomes anti- estrogenic activity/ inhibitory effect of Clomiphene citrate and increases endometrial receptivity in protecting the process of implantation and subsequently pregnancy. Since Saraca indica is known for its usefulness as a stimulant in the endomentrium and ovarian tissue and possesses anti–oxytocic activity. Thus Gynesol can improve the conception rate significantly in female infertility.

Benefits of Gynesol

Gynesol is specially designed to provide relief in cyclic disorders from menarche to menopause. Gynesol exerts anti-inflammatory, sedative, tranquilizing, antispasmodic and immunomodulatory properties which make it a drug of choice in menstrual disorders. Gynesol is effective in D.U.B., premenstrual tension and even in menopausal syndrome.

Gynesol normalizes vaginal pH and helps in controlling pathogenic colonization of bacteria and protozoa. Gynesol promotes females’ general health by virtue of its haemetanic & revitalizing action.

Gynesol reduces pelvic inflammation and congestion.

Gynesol offers a three dimensional benefit to the patients

  • Exerts a direct action on uterus

  • Corrects the constitutional deficiencies (anemic conditions)

  • Restores the disturbed emotional balance (an important causative factor to cause disorder)

Thus Gynesol helps in restoring and maintaining the clinical rhythm of menstrual cycle.

In modern medicine the specific treatment for menstrual imbalance or gynecological disorders is the external hormone therapy. The external hormone therapy influences the internal secretion of the hormones. The influence secretion of one hormone affects the secretion of another hormone e.g. hormone A inhibits the secretion of hormone B and hormone C causes the release of hormone A. such kind of inter-relationship between secretion and inhibition of hormone is known as feed-back mechanism. This complication cascade gets disturbed by interfering in the natural secretion of any of this and hence complicates the problems further. Gynesol is claimed to act by restoring the hormonal balance by stimulating the optimum functioning of hypothalamic – pituitary – ovarian axis and thus modulating the gynecological clock.

This restoration of balance between hormone – emotion - nutrition axis helps in regulation of menstrual cycle, stimulation of ovulation and minimizes the menopausal disturbances.

Thus Gynesol a non-hormonal proestrogenic agent provides benefits of efficacy similar to hormones (oestrogen) without the risk of side effects, special precautions and contraindications.

The scientific study conducted at I.M.S. Benaras Hindu University has shown a promise in the treatment of menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea and premenstrual syndrome.


Gynesol liquid: 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls with a little water twice a day after principal meals for three cycles uninterrupted or as advised by the physician.

1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice a day for 3 to 6 cycles after principal meals or as advised by the physician.

NOTE – Initially higher doses can be prescribed to bring rapid results, which can be tapered down according to the relief, but for the prolonged results the treatment has to be continued for a longer time.


Practically nil.

Indication & Uses

Gynesol vs. Conventional treatment


In modern medicine the existing treatment for Dysmenorrhoea are anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesic or anti-spasmodic drugs (Ibuprofen, Mephenamic acid, Dicyclomine, Diclofenac, Drotaverine), which are prescribed but these preparations give only temporary relief and are required throughout the reproductive life and hence exert large No. of side effects too which need further treatment.

Gynesol in dysmenorrhoea relaxes uterine smooth muscles, relieves spasmodic contraction of the uterine wall and reduces the frequency and intensity of the uterine contractions.

It also relieves the associated stress & anxiety and offers psychological & physiological action too.

Apart from its anti-spasmodic action it also normalizes the blood flow to the uterus thus relieves the uterine ischaemia. With the overall effect of Gynesol, the uterine physiology gets normalized and the mental serenity gets restored. When given up to 3-6 cycles, it prevents the recurrences also.


Currently available tools like synthetic sex steroids, use of intrauterine release of progesterone and the combination of progesterone and estrogen, use of non-hormonal treatments, control menstrual abnormalities up to a certain extent but they have large no. of side effects.

Gynesol acts by restoring the hormonal balance by stimulating the optimum functioning of hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis and thus modulating the gynaecological clock.

Apart from that it normalizes the uterine contractions and restores the normal tone which helps in arresting the bleeding.

The addition of Ashwagandha & Ferrous sulphate, which are nutritive tonic & haematinic, it restores the general health of the patient, restores the iron contents in the blood and relieves the patient from anemia, weakness & general debility caused by excessive blood loss.

Benefits of using Gynesol:

  • Stimulates ovarian function.

  • Helps endogenous hormonal secretion.

  • Regulates menstrual cycle.

  • Provides positive result in menopausal syndrome and Pre Menstrual Syndrome

  • Relieves

  • Dysmenorrhoea

  • Menorrhagia

  • Oligomenorrhoea

  • Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding

  • Vaginitis

      • Ensures a sense of well being



200 Ml Pet Bottles and 60 Capsules in HDPE containers

Safety & Precaution

Gynesol is a poly herbal formulation. It has been processed scientifically with proper controls. It is safe for long term use. No adverse report has been received for more than 40 years of its use. Many of the herbs used in Gynesol have already been used as a household remedies in Asian countries since centuries.

Because of safety, the drug has relatively no precautions to be measured but as an extreme measure of precaution, in menorrhagia or D.U.B., when the bleeding does not stop, an organic cause should be ruled out by the investigation.

Disclaimer: This product is not evaluated by FDA and is not meant for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.

No adverse effect has been reported with the use of this product. In case you feel any adverse effect, stop using it and report back to us.