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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a holistic and nature friendly products and services to the world humanity, to make our users, consumers, and customers delighted by caring for their needs, whoever he is, wherever he is, truthfully, sincerely and honestly. To provide comfort to the living being by making them healthier, happier and more enlightened. By excellent products, efficient services, passionate counselling and natural care.

About the organisation:

Varuna is a sign of good fortune. When we look back forty two years, we do not count upon our achievement; we learn, re-prepare and re-dedicate ourselves for the future challenges and responsibilities facing the mankind. In Varuna every year you will find a continuous effort for advancement of modern technologies involved in pharmaceutical industry & also propagation of the values of our ancient Ayurvedic science in which our founding fathers had mastered themselves and even the west is also adopting it fast. Because of this motto and endeavour, the central message of our house philosophy had always rested upon the principles of betterment and service. This had, in fact helped us to gain your trust and patronization along with a tie-up from one of the " fortune - 100 " multinational company. The other collaborations with sister concerns are also with the top ranking conglomerates in fields of exports, industrial salts, lubricants, internet business etc. who have decided to tie-up with us through their professional acumen and critical assessment.

The group has got very deep roots in Ayurved. The founder of the group Dr. Ganga Sahai Pandey has been an extremely renowned scholar of Ayurved of national repute. He has written various books on Ayurved like 'Kaya Chikitsa', 'Bhav Prakash Nighantu', edited 'Charak Samhita', etc. The herbal health care products have been developed with the help of his long and deep clinical experience.

About ourselves: 

We are group of young professionals teamed together with a passion to achieve a distinction of performance in the fields we have chosen to operate. We try to create and maintain an environment where each member of team thinks positively and innovatively. We believe in the tremendous potential of a human being and try to harness that by respectful delegation of job responsibility and unlimited authorisation by giving ownership of the job. We use in-house developed management techniques for achieving higher efficiency and productivity. Satisfaction of a job well done is the reward for us. Innovation and change is the way of life in Team Varuna. We motivate people and create atmosphere within the house to make people `to think' and `to capture the thoughts'. This provides rich resource and energy to the team to create room for itself in the mind space of its customers.

We have rich manufacturing experience in extraction of herbs using our proprietary enzymatic extraction technique which provides improved bioactive profile in the extracts together with down stream processing, formulation, standardisation and stabilisation of herbal and natural products. A profile of our Herbal / Natural products based health care and food supplements unit is enclosed herewith.

We have a fully documented 3 tier quality assurance system. Our facility is certified by GMP, ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP compliant. We have well equipped quality control laboratory with experienced and dedicated persons to carry out the QC process strictly as per laid down norms.

Our operations have been audited by a European team for clearance of third party production of Phytosterol tablets with increased bio-availability profile using patented technology licensed to us by our Swedish partners meeting very strict norms of EU-GMP. Our unit has been cleared to start production for global marketing by this Swedish company in the month July 2010.

Ayurveda has been our traditional knowledge base by virtue of the vast experience and knowledge of the founder of the group Dr GS Pandey who had been a leading scholar and practitioner of Ayurveda of international repute. We are using this traditional knowledge with the scientific approach to create and edge.

Our core team is pursuing development and marketing of herbal / ayurvedic products for management of life style diseases. We are specifically targeting those areas where synthetic / modern drugs fall short in meeting the aspirations of the patients regarding their quality of life. With support of knowledge of Ayurveda inherited from forefathers a committed technical team drives entire gambit of ayurvedic and herbal business to ensure sustainable assured value delivery. One of our herbal products Episulin, the world first natural insulin mimetic is gradually getting global popularity by increasing numbers of satisfied customers. The herbal products developed by team Varuna provides true relief to the person.

We have gathered very rich experience while working for Hindustan Unilever Ltd as third party processors for production of Vim, Rin Shakti and Wheel detergent powder for more than 17 years to handle large volumes, strict quality management, timely delivery and ensuring formulation integrity. We were awarded with `Best Quality Shield 1998' from Unilever for achieving minimum defects in a year. In the process we have developed significant skills for large volume production in small unit packs (sachets) reaching to 300 Mts a weak with strict adherence to quality. We had set a record of dispatching 423 Mts of products in single day.

Our R&D activity is supported by a DSIR recognised laboratory. Our team has developed many innovative products in the field of Natural health care and in the field of Industrial enzymes and functional proteins. This includes 5 patentable products / processes. By using in-house developed solid state fermentation technique we are producing 11 types of enzymes with different pH and temperature profiles and have developed formulations for industrial applications. We are proud to be the first and only producer of Dextranase in India which has tremendous scope in sugar industry. Another breakthrough product is `Granol' which is an enzyme blend for single step, low temperature saccharification of grains for production of Alcohol. This enzyme blend will help in simplifying the conventional process as well as reduction in cost of alcohol production. We are in advanced stage of stabilisation of a new production technique for production of Serratiopeptidase which is one of the best accepted anti-inflammatory agent world wide.

Our Strengths

We belong to a business house, which is having its roots in Eastern U.P. for more than 34 years now. This is a people oriented group. It consists of professional engineers, professional marketing persons, professional accountants (CA and cost accountant) and other supporting professionals.

Team Varuna is known for its `life time employment opportunities' and its family like organisational structure. Within the organisation we try to maintain a positively charged job-satisfying environment.

A chemical engineer with 34 years sound and highly successful business experience leads the business. After his graduation from IT, BHU he resolved to stay back and struggle to create an enterprise in the industrially backward region of East Uttar Pradesh

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